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Brand and Design Strategy: Decision and Commitment

In the present business environment it is important to keep your directions and remain authentic.
Design Strategy means developing brand and product values which help sharpening the company image and provide design criteria for future product designs.
This service delivers the perspective on companies products, what they represent and communicate.


Product DNA: Unique and Authentic

What is the essence of a product, to whom does it appeal and what does it represent in face of the wide range of competitors?
Especially when facing an entire product line or range it is not the question of designing one product but rather a product family DNA.
We develop corporate product aesthetics as a base for wide ranging product lines.
This service includes the Design DNA, colour concepts, definition of product graphics and branding.


Product Design: Emotion and Attraction

estragon develops tailor made products for your competitive environment. We focus on our clients needs as well as the customer perspective.
In the process we integrate design trends to generate new and innovative product concepts.
These will then be developed to a commercial level regarding usability, functionality and product aesthetics.


Product Graphics: Intuition and Guidance

For success even the simplest product has to interact with its user.
For this reason we develop user interface solutions as well as product graphics.
The goal is a spontaneous and intuitive interaction with the customer.


Packaging and Point of Sale Design: Making a First Impression

Retail is a difficult and competitive environment to present yourself in.
When designing a new package or POS, estragon creates the stage for your product.
Not only emotions but also information need to be delivered to potential customers.
For this reason we design pictograms and information graphics.