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estragon, dirk fleischhut, andré lüthy


. product design. zurich. providing a vision for products that are not only functional, safe and ergonomic, but aesthetic and emotional. Communication at is the basis and goal of successful developments. Listening, observing, and questioning are the basis for the design process. It is only after understanding the clients market enviroment and their consumers demands that the different requirements can be developed into a successful product. And this should start with the first meeting until the point where the end consumer takes it off the shelf. We believe that forward-looking products are only possible within the framework of a close co-orperation between partners. Passion, trust and direct exchange of information constitute the basis of a joint innovation culture. Observations and perceptions are analysed and merged to form a product image. With a mixture of innovative vision and analytical thinking a strategy is drawn up to invent new fresh ideas for our clients in the sports, fashion and technology industries. Different markets, different rules. handles this diversity thanks to is wide-ranging experience in varied product areas. We see this experience as a driving force to produce desirable solutions which joints business with creativity, art with science and intelligence with beauty.  





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. product design. zurich. providing a vision for products that are not only functional, safe and ergonomic, but aesthetic and emotional. more





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Salewa The grip on an ice tool is one of the most important aspects. That is the reason why started the project by developing a new ergonomic shaft section. The now patented "Progrip". This new grip zone gives a secure hold even at very low temperatures or in wet conditions. From this focus point we designed several ice tools for different fields of application. Our aim was to create a modern, strong but light-weight looking range of products that match the Salewa alpine brand character. The manufacturing process is the secret of the TOUR-X SL. Head and spike are hotforged from one piece of aluminium. This gives exceptional stiffness at low weight making this product a quality touring ice tool.

Sigg created a distinct design language for Sigg in order to introduce a complete new line of thermo products. For the first time ever, Sigg showed prototypes on the ISPO trade fair in Munich. Wait for more news to come. We will update you about the progress of this new design line.

Salewa Our intent was to design a modern helmet with a high degree of integration. Reduced to what you need. Improved compared to what you have known before. By using only small ventilation holes we were able to enlarge the actual area for an even air circulation. At the same time this appearance not only gives you a feeling of security but really protects your head from small pieces coming off the wall. All these aspects transform the Salewa Toxo 2.0 into a sophisticated helmet at a very compatible price point.


Sigg was asked to design the new generation of tops for the new SIGG wide mouth bottle. Our proceeding to this task could be describes as a typical swiss design approach. Why this? Because we designed a system. A closure system, where the neck ring is the main player.  This very strong visual element embraces all that State-of-the-art engineering in its center. The ring is like the stage for all kind of different actors in its center. Some of them still to come. Inspired by the clarity and simplicity of old turning switches we used this iconic image to render the functionalities of the new active top clear. Like flicking a light switch, one intuitively interacts with the new design. A short twist and you are ready to go! Without any further instruction you have playfully operated a sophisticated pressure-relief valve system designed to release pressure created by carbonated beverages. After a long and thorough development and testing phase, we are proud to have contributed the design to a new chapter in the long history of SIGG products. Cheers.

Biotronik is proud to announce the global availability of the new Biotronik Pulsar-18. Being faced with the need of placing longer stent lengths of 100 mm up to 200 mm we started this project with the search of the ideal load transmission. The ambition was to ensure a calm and secure handling while the surgical intervention. For this we integrated a new developed friction-reducing handle for smooth stent deployment. Beside these ergonomic goals it was our task to integrate smart features like a safety release or a seal component into a modern and self-explanatory design language.


Valvet If you once tasted the power of a Class A amplifier you can never go back. In order to express this physical properties designed the new side panels of the Valvet A3.5 amplifier. Proportions that already emphasis power and precision are teamed up by the black anodized finish of the cooling ribs. Machined from a solid piece of finest aluminum, these design elements are full of strength. The visual play between massive energy and unburdened elegance was archived by creating a slim recess inside a well-structured and visual dominating main rib. This puristic amplifier communicates on every stage that there is nothing that could be added or left away. A product designed to be perfectly balanced.
Object of light

Object of light Fascinated by the idea of materializing the ray of light, designed an object of light, which beside its warm and poetic character has the capability to structure space. Like the ear of corn in the wind, the light ribbons respond to the movement  the of their environment and captivate the beholder. Originally produced for a design exhibition, this lamp can be installed in many different locations. Like on the photos for example, at the restaurant Rosso in Zurich.

Salewa The "Pure" series are light and extremely durable backpacks that only focus on the essential and necessary. When good design means the art of reduction then this is a masterpiece. http://www.salewa.com Salewa Pure

Alpa has designed the new handle for the ALPA TC. This uncompromising camera will become one with the user. Only when the photographer will forget the camera in his hands he will be able to absolutely focus on his activity: The Photography. http://www.alpa.ch


Migros The "Twist" cleaning system is based on a electrostatically loaded micro fiber that can catch the dirt without whirling up. This design is lightweight, easy to handle and fun to use. http://www.migros.ch Migros Twist
Designmeile 2009

Designmeile 2009 We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who came and made this event such a success. http://www.designmeile.ch Designmeile

Beurer Like a diamond ring, the "female jogger" displays its principal item. The high-gloss soft-shaped case is hold tide by a never ending flow of fine but strong rubber straps. http://www.beurer.com female jogger

red dot award for Quer Bags Collection

red dot award for Quer Bags Collection Classic materials in an urban environment. Mixing things, finding new combinations and surprising details are the core of the Quer design. Inspired by cities such as Berlin, London or Tokio we wanted to give the people an alternative with an sophisticated look and feel. This was the starting point when designing the quer bags. Using canvas and leather in a new context and turning them into an urban bag. What started with three bags soon became a entire collection of well over 20 pieces, now sold in Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Japan. We are proud to announce that this summer the Quer design was awarded with a total of three reddot awards.http://www.quer-bags.de Quer    
Salewa Altitude

Salewa Altitude  After a long time of testing, a new line of alpine back packs has been introduced to the market.Altitude is a new design aimed at the modern alpinist. Besides many innovative functional features the main goal was to rethink the aesthetics. The fresh, friendly and sophisticated look reflects a new understanding of the outdoor sports. wanted to address new target groups and especially focus on younger people. A joyful combination of colors, materials, textures and clear lines creates the iconic look and the impression of simplicity and functionality.http://www.salewa.de Salewa   

red dot award/for scout bag

red dot award/for scout bag The Scout Mega is a schoolbag for primary school pupils which features a 360-degree safety concept and an innovative flat design. Shaped side pockets made of a newly developed Reflexite combined material optimise the angle of incidence of vehicle lights from street traffic. Reflective carry straps further increase the safety of the schoolbag. An intelligent body construction makes it 20 per cent lighter and gives it high stability. A separate, two-part organiser with a special colour code can be used as required for optimal packing of the bag according to ergonomic criteria. The back padding is ventilated and ergonomically shaped. The functional design allows easy opening of the top flap and provides a large interior space. The flexible carry-strap attachment adjusts to any clothing the child may wear. http://www.scout-ranzen.de http://www..ch  article, red dot award 2007  
clean up time/at Migros

clean up time/at Migros We were asked by Migros to design a complete range of household products that would fit by its elegant appearance and high quality into the new world of swiss kitchen interiors. Giving the ordinary and often disregarded a form to remain as an object in modern living surroundings. That was the self defined aim by . Beyond the usual utility, form and function were meant to melt into one unity that is evident and harmonious. Like the two elements wind and water whose interplay is shown in the design. http://www.migros.ch article, clean up time at migros

red dot award/for Scout 1975

red dot award/for Scout 1975 Colorful, fresh and always surprising. Thats the way works. That is the way how the Scout used to be. And that is the way how the Scout is again today. This new interpretation refers to the rectangular archetype and carries it over 30 years into the present time. Target group are yesterdays schoolyard-pioneers, who again today, want to Stepp away from the line of black business bag users. http://www.scout1975.de article, red dot award 2006
generation Scout./Back to school?

generation Scout./Back to school? The school playground classic is back: 30 years after the first Scout satchel, Zurich-based design studio has designed an anniversary model for adults that is both retro and yet contemporary. Unbenanntes Dokument http://www.form.de article, form article

André Lüthy

. His father's work as a contractor made him grow up in various countries around the world. The exposure to different cultures developed his interest for people and their ways of living. Having construction sites as a playground created the curiosity to understand how things work. This background led him to study product design at the Art Center College of Design, where André and Dirk met during their studies. After 10 years of working experience in various design agencies across Europe it became time to set up estragon. It should become a place without boundaries aimed to be a free space for ideas and giving new thoughts a shape.",

Dirk Fleischhut

. Surrounded by art and artists since an early age, this influence led him to his position in product design today. Starting the professional career after graduating from the Art Center College of Design in 1995 he gained recognition in the design world working in Switzerland and Berlin. Since establishing estragon in 2001 he lives in Zurich, the heart of Europe, shaping the future of many different products and companies worldwide.",

Katja Gipp

, Gathering the first working experience in an advertising agency completing a commercial apprentice, she then started her years of travel. In this time she learned the work of a saddler and how to organise a event agency. New challenging tasks came in 1991 when she set up the first bicycle messenger company in Bern, Switzerland. In the position as a managing director she led this company until 1999, when deciding to go back to school and learn the managing tools especially for “non-profit-organisations”. At that time she started a independent office in the field of bookkeeping and administration with different mandates, one of which is estragon.",

Reto Ulrich

, as a trained cabinet-maker working for the renowned company Röthlisberger AG, he gained experience on many international interior decorations as well as exclusive furniture projects. In 1999 he decided to start a second career as a industrial designer. After finishing his studies at the Zurich University of Arts (ZHdK) he joined the estragon team in 2007.

estragon product design zurich providing a vision for products that are not only functional, safe and ergonomic, but aesthetic and emotional.

estragon GmbH

dirk fleischhut, andré lüthy
Hermetschloostrasse 70
8048 Zürich