Schweizer Design, Produkt Design Zürich

Aesthetics and Performance.

The Vonschoo L8 and L10 loudspeakers are ideal for people looking for the extraordinary sound experience in a timeless design. Our goal was to make no compromises when it comes to style, integration into the living environment of people as well as sonic qualities.

The design makes a clear visual statement, it is iconic, reduced and focused on material and finish. We took a very puristic approach to the design by taking full advantage of the possibilities and properties of fiber cement. It allowed us to create a very compact and stylish object. The upright main body is elegant and robust at the same time, which contrasts well with the filigree stand. With respect to contemporary living spaces the speakers should work as a 360° design, meaning being attractive from every side and therefore allowing this sound object to be placed everywhere in a living environment. The unique visual character and the very sensual design experience makes the Vonschloo speakers something very new and refreshing for today’s HiFi market.

Swiss Design, Schweizer Design Zürich

Strategic Cooperation.
The cooperation with Rowen of Switzerland gives these loudspeaker a performance which drags the listener right into the music experience. Both models are equipped with proven and high profile Rowen technology that will fully satisfy any listener. The rounded cone shape of the housing, gives great stiffness to the structure and avoids internal sound reflections. Combined with high performance components of the highest quality makes the object sound neutral, dynamic and allows for fatigue free listening.

Vonschloo Loudspeaker L10

The Potential of Details.
Detail design consolidate the full potential of this design. Color codes and surface structures work as intuitive hints explaining important functionalities and support the tactile experience. The closed cabinet design (Acoustic Suspension) allows the user to place the speaker freely, even close to the walls.


photographs by Patrik Fuchs