Salewa Toxo 2.0 Kletterhelm

When creating the new generation of the Toxo climbing helmet, our intent was to design a modern product with a high degree of integration. Reduced to what you need and improved compared to what you have known before.

The result was absolute simplicity. The helmet being moulded in one piece with only a few additional parts. All of them recessed to avoid tangling up in jackets and ropes, which can be fatal when climbing. Even the logo has a double function; as a rubber patch for the headlamp, preventing it from sliding around when quickly moving.

By using only small ventilation holes we were able to enlarge the actual area for the air circulation. At the same time this appearance not only gives you a feeling of security but really protects your head from small stonew coming off the wall. All these aspects transform the Salewa Toxo 2.0 into a sophisticated helmet at a very competitive price point.

Salewa Climbing Helmet

Salewa Toxo 2.0