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New generation of wide mouth tops

estragon was asked to design the new generation of tops for the new SIGG wide mouth bottle. Our proceeding to this task could be described as a typical Swiss design approach. Why this? Because we designed a system. A closure system where the neck ring is the main player. This very strong visual element embraces all that state-of-the-art engineering in its center. The ring is like the frame for all kind of different components. Some of them still to come. Inspired by the clarity and simplicity of old turning switches we used this iconic image to clearly render the functionalities of the new active top. Like flicking a light switch, one intuitively interacts with the new design. A short twist and you are ready to go! Without any further instruction you have playfully operated a sophisticated pressure-relief valve system designed to release pressure created by carbonated beverages. After a long and thorough development phase, we are proud to have contributed the design to a new chapter in the long history of SIGG products. Cheers.


Sigg_New Active Top_03