Hi-Fi meets Craftsmanship

Inspired by the „Folle“ an archaic sound object, which has been used for the „Alpsegen“ in the Swiss alps for centuries, estragon has designed the speaker L242 for VONSCHLOO. The functionality of a speaker is mirrored in the simple and iconic shape. The 360° Design attracts the viewer from all sides and allows the user to integrate this object easily into his living space.

The material Eternit, a cement composite, was not only chosen for aesthetic reasons. It also has excellent acoustic properties and therefor combines form and function in a harmonic way.

Since Eternit is not the most common material, only hands on work has put us in the position to actually design the speaker housing. Here we also have to thank Eternit (Schweiz) AG for their support and patient.

After the successful development of the speaker we were offered the possibility of designing the entire identity of VONSCHLOO. The look and feel of the brand should reflect the characteristics of the product. Besides the logo and the website estragon also directed the photography.