Estragon was asked to support Gebana for a new campaign to raise awareness for the problematic conditions of cocoa production.

For Easter, that is traditional connected with tons of cute chocolate bunnies, we created an angry polygon gorilla as well as a fitting campaign icon that has been causing furore. The plan is to lead the attention towards the most important raw material for chocolate which is cocoa, which is also the most problematic and closely linked to poverty, illegal deforestation and child labour.
With the chocolate Angry Gorilla, Gebana fights to hold corporations accountable for their actions.


The Challange of Production.
Having a good idea is one thing. Getting this idea to work within a huge production line is another. Our aim was to create a truly three dimensional object. Not similar to the rather flattened easter bunny figures. This as well as the 10 degree draft angle made it a bit of a joyful challenge to master.

The Communication.
A campaign needs a strong identity. Based on the three dimensional object we developed an icon that became literally the face of the Angry-Gorilla campaign.