Evolution of Waste Seperation

The Swiss are world champions in recycling. And they are passionate about finding the right system solutions for this task. With the Müllex X-LINE estragon designed a system that on the one hand adapts to people’s waste and recycling behavior which has evolved significantly over the recent years. And on the other hand provides perfect solutions for the carpenter who needs an easy and fast to install product. Beside these functional requirements estragon developed a design language that has the capability to naturally integrate itself into the aesthetics of modern kitchens.
Because today, users call for well-designed systems that will make their daily lives more enjoyable.

The Potential of Details.
Environmental aspects were taken into account at the same level as the other focused goals. Like this we were able to save up to 30 percent of plastic used compared to the former system. And this is a pretty amazing impact if you realize how many units are sold today.

photographs by Patrik Fuchs