McKinley Tritan Triflip

We were asked to design new range of drinking bottles for McKINLEY. The new product should appeal to a wide audience and feature a simple open/closing mechanism.

We approached this task by developing a very simple form language. Straight lines and slight curves lend the object a simple, dynamic shape and an overall timeless look. This reduced silhouette is the base for a playful use of colour and transparency. With this combination of shape and colour, the bottle becomes the companion for commuting, working or sport, like McKinley had in mind.

By eliminating as many parts as possible we reduced complexity, gained reliability and ease of use. If closed, the spout fits flush into the cover, giving an intuitive feedback to the user and making it save for transport. For easy carry, the cover has an integrated finger loop, which double functions with a stopper, so even a wet bottle does not slide out of hand. As a safety feature you don’t have to tilt the bottle, the internal straw lets you drink in an upright position, not taking any of your attention from your activity.

McKinley Sport Bottle Triflip

McKinley Sport Bottle

photographs by Patrik Fuchs